Storage Racks

Secure Your Storage Racks

Storage racks may slide or overturn during strong shaking, unless secured:

  • Use flexible nylon straps that have holes for screws (available at hardware stores or online). Place two straps near the top of the rack. For very tall racks or racks on wheels, also place two straps near the middle (as shown).
  • Make a tight loop with each strap around a rear post as shown, and connect the end of the strap to itself by inserting a short bolt through the holes in the strap and then screwing on a washer and nut.
  • Screw the long end of each strap into a stud in the wall behind the rack (use a stud finder to determine where).
  • Alternatively, attach eye-screws onto the wall studs. Use a bungee cord or 1/8″ diameter wire looped around your furniture. Secure to the eye-screws and furniture using carabiner hooks – allowing for moving furniture when needed.
  • For racks positioned on wheeled supports, be sure to set wheel locks if included, and if the rack is moved, always reattach to the wall with straps after using.

Click here to download a printable version of these instructions.

Wheel-mounted storage rack