Propane Tanks


To secure propane tanks.
Large propane tanks will expand and contract. This may stress the tank wall or seismic connections.
Consult a structural engineer and your propane supplier for assistance.

  • Store gas cylinders in a separate area.
  • Store cylinders away from people and exits.


Install expansion bolts through existing brackets or provide steel pipe bollards. Steel pipe bollards are recommended for all large tanks.

Propane Tank

Supplies Required

  • Reinforcing steel—No. 4
  • Expansion bolts
  • Concrete (2,000 psi minimum)
  • A36 steel pipe—6″ diameter


Expansion Bolt

  1. Provide new footings (if none exist) at each bracket.
  2. Install expansion bolts in existing bracket holes. Fill the hole with the largest diameter bolt possible.

Steel Pipe Bollard

  1. Provide bollards at one-quarter points on two sides of tank.
  2. See steel pipe bollard figure for dimensions.

Provide flexible supply line connections.

Steel Pipe Bollard