Filtration Tanks


To secure filtration tanks.


When anchoring to post-tensioned slab, locate and avoid reinforcing.


Anchor filtration tanks.

Supplies Required

  • Expansion bolts (various sizes)
  • Steel plate—1/4″ x 8″ x 8″


Anchor the tank at each leg with two expansion bolts that are the same diameter as the holes in the base plate.
If a base plate hole cannot be accessed or does not exist, weld a plate to the existing base plate and secure this new plate with two expansion bolts (3/8″) into the structure.


  • Store granular chlorine so that it cannot fall into the tank during ground shaking.
  • Restrain chlorine gas cylinders (see Hazardous Materials information).

Filtration Tank
Source: Noson, Perbix, SSD

Alternate Weld Plate
Source: Noson, Perbix, SSD