ECA Sector-Based Committees

Earthquake Country Alliance has statewide Sector-Based Committees which serve to provide information and resources to various sectors of the community. ECA Sector-Based Committees provide subject matter expert engagement in ECA material development (almost all of which are also used nationally), outreach activities (including representation at conferences and implementation of ECA sector-oriented webinars), ShakeOut recruitment, and communication with ECA regional/statewide leadership.

These interactive statewide activities and networking opportunities improve earthquake education and awareness, and further expand the collaboration throughout California (such as counties outside of the regional alliances) and even from other states.

Committee interactions provide an opportunity to engage with experts, develop ECA priorities, fill sector gaps, and build opportunities for engagement and education at all levels. Sector-Based Committee are open to all ECA Associates who are interested in participating.


Accessibility committee: Outreach to older adults and the DAFN community, providing resources and tools focused on accessibility

Business committee: Outreach to the private sector business community, helping employers create a resilient workplace for employees and customers. See activities and resources coordinated by the committee at

Healthcare committee: Outreach to hospitals, long-term care facilities, community clinics, and medical facilities for administrators, medical professionals, and patients. See activities and resources coordinated by the committee at

Higher Education committee: Outreach to universities, community colleges, technical and vocational schools and other training academies. See activities and resources coordinated by the committee at

Non-Profit/Faith-Based committee: Engaging non-profits serving the community as well as faith-based communities and their constituencies

PreK-12 Education committee: Engaging educators and administrators from public and private schools, school districts, county office of education, and other related groups. See activities and resources coordinated by the committee at

Public Sector committee: Comprised of local, state, and federal employees and emergency managers, this committee provides messaging and outreach tools for use by public sector employees and their constituencies. A major activity has been the ECA Community Engagement Webinar Series.

Join Us!

Sector-based Committees meet every other month (January, March, May, July, September, and November) for 1 hour via Zoom, and share tools and resources to distribute throughout the sector. Committee Chairs meet during alternating months to share updates and best practices.

Interested in joining a Sector-Based Committee or learning more?  Please contact us