After the next big earthquake, your recovery and that of the community may take weeks to months or even longer. While earthquakes can be a traumatic experience, it’s important not to let important things slip that will help you, your family, and your community get back on your feet. While this phase only has one step, the time involved will most likely be the longest, especially if your home or workplace has been damaged.
Drawing of people reconnecting with family, repairing a damaged window, and reopening a school

Step 7:
Reconnect and Restore daily life by reuniting with others, repairing damage, and rebuilding community.

Any community struck by disaster will be affected in some significant way. But keep in mind that a community is only as strong as the residents who make it up, so invoivement in the recovery, priorities, and “how” a community comes back is very important. This is because the people who normally make the decisions in a community may not be there, or others or are not as familiar with unique aspects of a community are trying to help guide the road back. This means that some decisions might be made that could hinder a speedy recovery in some way. As a member of your community, your voice and experience are important to the rebuilding process. The community needs you – get involved!