What If A Northridge-sized Earthquake happened Near You

If you felt the Northridge earthquake but the shaking was not very strong, you likely were not in or near the San Fernando Valley. However, what if a Northridge-sized earthquake were to happen near you? This section of the Northridge 20 Virtual Exhibit shows 3D animations of 16 potential earthquakes, one of which may be near you and could cause much greater damage.

The animations were produced by participants in the summer 2013 Undergraduate Studies in Earthquake Information Technology (UseIT) internship program administered by the Southern California Earthquake Center at USC. First, 16 hazard locations across Southern California were chosen, mostly at large population centers (see list below the map). Next, supercomputer simulations of thousands of potential earthquakes were searched to find an earthquake with a similar magnitude as the Northridge earthquake (magnitude 6.7) that is expected to cause the most intense shaking at each hazard location. Note: This is not necessarily the most likely damaging earthquake that will happen next, nor the strongest that may be experienced, for each location. Each earthquake has been selected to be the most likely “Northridge-Near-You” earthquake.

Each 3D animation shows the faults of Southern California, highlights the source fault for each potential earthquake, shows the ShakeMap of expected shaking levels, and then overlays the likely casualties and economic losses that may result.

Click on a yellow fault on the map at left (or choose from the list below the map) in order to view a video of an earthquake similar to the 1994 Northridge Earthquake. After starting each video, move your cursor off the video to view the entire image (some results may be hidden by YouTube navigation and link layers).

Click on the map to see the results of Northridge-sized earthquakes on different faults across southern California.

You can also click a fault name and hazard location below to view a video:

Cleghorn Fault, San Bernardino
Cucamonga Fault, Ontario
Elsinore Fault, Santa Ana
Elysian Park Fault, La Puente
Hollywood Fault, Westwood
Newport-Inglewood Fault, Huntington Beach
Palos Verdes Fault, Compton
Raymond Fault, Pasadena
Red Mountain Fault, Santa Barbara
Rose Canyon Fault, Mission Valley
San Andreas Fault, Palm Springs
San Andreas Fault, San Bernardino
San Cayetano Fault, Oxnard
San Joaquin Hills Fault, South Coast Metro
Santa Susana Fault, Santa Clarita
White Wolf Fault, Bakersfield
M6.55 Hollywood Fault M6.75 San Joaquin Hills Fault M6.65 Santa Susana Fault M6.55 Red Mountain Fault M6.85 Elsinore Fault M6.85 Southern San Andreas Fault, San Bernardino M6.65 Raymond Fault M6.85 Southern San Andreas Fault, Palm Springs M6.85 San Cayetano Fault M6.65 Cucamonga Fault M6.75 Rose Canyon Fault M6.85 Newport-Inglewood Fault M6.55 Elysian Park Fault M6.75 Palos Verdes Fault M6.55 Cleghorn Fault M6.85 White Wolf Fault
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