During the next big earthquake, and immediately after, is when your level of preparedness will make a difference in how you and others survive and can respond to emergencies. The following steps describe what to do during earthquake shaking and immediately after. Step 5 provides information for how to protect yourself in different locations and scenarios during an earthquake. Step 6 describes what to do next to prevent further injuries or damage.

Step 5:
Drop, Cover, and Hold On when the earth shakes.

Step 6:
Improve safety after earthquakes by evacuating if necessary, helping the injured, and preventing further injuries or damage.
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The experts say that in order to best way to protect yourself in the event of an earthquake is to practice the technique “Drop, Cover and Hold On. Knowing exactly what to do the moment the shaking starts is something that gets easier with practice, and that is exactly what the Great ShakeOut is for.

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