Hanging Objects

Secure Your Hanging Objects

Mirrors, framed pictures, and other objects can fall off walls and hit people or shatter glass on floors – cut feet from broken framing glass and mirrors is one of the most common injuries resulting from major earthquakes. The solution depends on the weight of the object:

Objects under 20 lbs.:

  • Place on a nail or picture hook and secure by placing earthquake putty or Velcro tabs at all four corners.

Objects up to 50 lbs.:

  • Use a stud finder to find the closest wall stud.
  • Screw closed-loop picture hanger (several types are in stores or online). This prevents the wire from jumping off the hook during strong earthquake shaking.
  • For additional protection, secure the bottom corners with earthquake putty or Velcro tabs.
  • Consider professional help for securing objects over 50 lbs., like wall-mounted artwork or mirrors.

Click here to download a printable version of these instructions.

Securing objects hung from ceilings

Carefully check the location of all hanging plants and other objects. Determine if these objects are close enough to windows to strike them in the wild motion of an earthquake. If they are, consider moving them.

  • Find the ceiling stud by using a stud finder.
  • Screw the hook directly into the ceiling stud.
  • Hang the object from this hook.
  • Close the opening in the hook with a pair of pliers to prevent the object from leaping off the hook during an earthquake.

Example of a stud finder