To reduce risks from breaking glass.Note

  • Large windows pose the greatest risk to safety.
  • Locate seating away from windows to avoid injuries from shattering glass or untreated windows.
  • Lower window blinds or close drapes if possible.


  • Consult a structural engineer to determine if window frame is designed to support glass in the vent of a building.
  • Do not coat or replace any glass panes if the coating or new glass would cause a large pane to drop as a unit.


  • To reduce the risks at glass windows, doors with glass, display cases, and skylights, follow the steps below.
  • Store glassware or glass objects in closed cabinets or restrain them on open shelves.
  • Refer to wall-mounted objects to secure mirrors.

Glass on Open Shelves

Supplies Required

  • Wood or Plexiglas strip — 1/8″ x 1″
  • Wood or sheet metal screws — No. 10 x 1″
  • Wire rope — No. 12 gage


  1. Reinforce glass with polyester film or similar material.
    Replace glass with Plexiglas or safety glass.
  2. Place film on one side of the glass only.
  3. Secure items in the display cases.
  4. Anchor the display case to the wall (as explained in tall furniture/bookcases).