ECA SoCal Regional Workshop Summary, November 1, 2017
Workshop Summary Notes
Wednesday, November 1, 2017
American Red Cross – Orange County Chapter
600 Parkcenter Dr., Santa Ana, CA 92705

Welcome and Introductions. Heidi Rosofsky and Connie Lackey welcome participants and review agenda. There is an overview of ECA positions and a call is made for volunteers to fill open positions (Secretary; Associates Communication Coordinator; EPIcenter Bureau Coordinator).

Attendee Self-Introductions and Initial Group Share

  • CalOES shares about Business Preparedness/Business Continuity Campaign in 2018 ShakeOut. They will be using HayWired Earthquake Scenario and the impacts on Silicon Valley to underscore how much we rely on that industry.
  • National Builders Association wants to find ways to support FEMA and CalOES. They are interested in developing partnerships.
  • Discussion around the room on future ECA meeting themes. Suggestions are made around Recovery Theme, Connectivity across sectors and members, Small Business, Insurance, and Earthquake Early Warning.
  • Announcement is made that ECA’s Abilities Expo involvement has expanded. ECA now has more time to present and on preparedness. Upcoming SoCal are expo is February 23,24,and 25.

Speaker: Heidi Rosofsky, Global Division Consortium, presented on Reaching the Whole Community through stakeholder engagement. Discusses history of ECA’s Access and Functional Needs Committee, mission and goals. Mission: Everyone, everywhere should know how to protect themselves during earthquakes. Presents overview of projects developed with stakeholder collaboration as well as resources available to the community. (presentation link)

Speaker: Daniel Stevens, SoCal Edison presentation on Edison’s mitigation and preparedness efforts since 2008. Discusses challenges on energy restoration. Customer prioritization for restoration, established by the CPOC includes length of the outage and number of people affected while taking into that the system is grid based. Edison has reviewed their Business Resiliency Strategy and Training. (presentation link)

Activity sharing and general discussion

  • Ryan Arba (CalOES): Announces expected 2018 Rollout of Earthquake Early Warning. Cell phones will now be able to use Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) for EEW notifications. This milestone, in partnership with ATT, is credited to ATT’s participation in 2017 ShakeOut event.
  • Ken Kondo (L.A. County Office of Emergency Servies): Shares media participation in 2017 ShakeOut. Over 10 TV stations participated in SoCal media event.
  • Edwin Shackeroff: Presented a proof of concept for drone use to support search and rescue and to support Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training.
  • Jeff Primes (ReadyAmerica): Earthquake Simulator Version 2.0 launches in Southern California. Improved movement and seismometers are installed in the new version. Simulator is available for events and education.
  • Catherine Mathews (Laguna Woods): Shares the they applied and used ICS as part of their ShakeOut drill in their community. Asked building captains to submit reposts to their clubhouse.
  • Glen Granholm (Safety-T-Proof): Raises issue for concern for small food companies. Efforts should be made to support their resiliency planning because they will be in need after a large earthquake.
  • Heidi Rosofsky: Raised concern for Transient/Tourist population, which will need support and is often ignored in planning efforts.


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