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Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills Toolkit for Free-choice Learning Environments


The goal of this toolkit is to promote Free-Choice Learning Environments (FCLEs) such as museums, libraries, and park visitor center participation in Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills and other exercises. This toolkit contains tools from several organizations invested in increasing earthquake resilience across the United States.

We are particularly interested in FCLEs because they are uniquely positioned participants of ShakeOut because they (1) have unique drill and earthquake response procedure challenges and (2) they are seen as trusted leaders in their community. FCLEs can use ShakeOut as an opportunity to set an example for their communities and teach about earthquake preparedness. This may be a pathway to more robust education initiatives as it relates to earthquake preparedness.

The following resource chart includes resources developed by the Earthquake Country Alliance, the U.S. Geological Survey ShakeAlert Project, the Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology, UNAVCO, American Alliance of Museums, ResilientWorkplace, Southern California Earthquake Center, and Washington Emergency Management Division. Our intent is to increase public education and drills in order to increase procedural knowledge.

Resource Title


Resource Type
Resource Description

Internal Resources for Planning a Drill

Register to Participate
Link to register your institution to participate in the Great ShakeOut

Drill Guidances for Non Profit Organizations
Specific earthquake guidance for NonProfits participating in ShakeOut

Drill Guidances for Businesses
Specific earthquake guidance for businesses participating in ShakeOut

ShakeOut Drill Guidance for All Other Organizations

Specific earthquake guidance for all other organizations

NEW! Powerpoints for leading ShakeOut Drills (Online or In-Person)

Manual & Guidances
Drill planning and educational resources

Developing a disaster plan 
Manual/Online Guide
American Alliance of Museums reference guide for developing a disaster preparedness and emergency response plan

Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills
Manual/Regional drill guidances
Drills organized by region

Audio and Video Broadcast Resources
Audio recordings and videos
These resources could be played during drills and provide relevant instructions

Messages, Graphics, and other resources
Video, Audio, Graphics, GIFs, Media contact
Resources intended to support the promotion of earthquake preparedness

Social Media Graphics
Collection of downloadable promotional graphics

Social Media Banners
Collection of downloadable promotional graphics intended to be used as banners on insititiution’s websites and/or social media profiles 

ShakeOut Museums, Libraries, and Parks

Details of how FCLEs can plan an earthquake drill, prepare for earthquakes and how to share the experience of ShakeOut

Collection of ShakeOut Flyers
Brief and colorful flyers (i.e “Join us”, “Get Ready”, “What to do if”)

Earthquake Preparedness Guide for Seniors, People with Disabilities, and Others with Access and Functional Needs (AFN)

Highlight key questions to consider when developing earthquake emergency plans to include people with disabilities and specific access and functional needs

Key Earthquake Safety Tips for People with Disabilities and Others with Access and Functional Needs

Briefly explains how to adapt drop, cover, and hold to various situations

Recommended Protective Actions (DCHO)
Details what protective actions are best to take in a wide variety of scenarios, to include in a classroom, in a store, in bed etc.

Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills Options for Government Agency Participation and Outreach

This is included bc some FCLEs are connected to or managed by Government agencies 

Countdown to Shakeout for Organizations
Step by step outline for how organizations can plan drills

Resilient WorkPlace
Web Page
Details approaches to create more disaster resilient workplaces

Suggested Social Media Content (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter)

Web Page
Includes potential posts to be adapted by org interested in promotion

ShakeAlert Earthquake Early Warning Education Sector Toolkit

Digital Library (google drive)
Details how earthquake early warning works and how ShakeAlert could be implemented in various centers of education

External Resources for Preparedness Education 

Earthquake safety video series 
Collection of videos that detail potential earthquake scenarios and advised protective actions

Earthquake Preparedness: Where do I even begin?

EMD animation on how to think about preparedness

7 Steps to Earthquake Safety
1-page summary of the 7 steps to earthquake safety

Earthquake Early Warning Education and Training Materials

Webpage (animations, videos, gifs, lesson plans)
Comprehensive suite of education and training materials used to explain how and why earthquake hazards persist across the west coast of the United States

Earthquakes as Teachable Moments
Webpage/Online data displays
Customizable tools used to communicate about historical earthquakes

Additional resources

More support in crafting emergency response plans

Resilient WorkPlace
Collection of resources used to increase workplace safety and resilience following disaster


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