EPICenter Commitee
Earthquake Education and Public Information Center in the Earthquake Country Alliance

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EPIcenter Mission Statement:
ECA Education and Public Information Centers (EPIcenters) share a commitment to demonstrating and encouraging earthquake and tsunami preparedness. They coordinate Earthquake Country Alliance (ECA) activities in their county or region (e.g. Great California ShakeOut), lead presentations or organize events in their communities, or in other ways demonstrate leadership in earthquake education and risk reduction. EPIcenters are found in a variety of free-choice learning venues such as museums, science centers, libraries, and universities.

EPIcenter Committee Members

Committee Chair
Robert de Groot
Coordinator for Communication, Education, Outreach, and Technical Engagement
USGS Earthquake Science Center, Pasadena, CA

Bay Area Regional Coordinator
Jane Doe
Senior Manager – Gallery Experiences
Great Museum, Oakland, CA

Southern California Regional Coordinator
John Smith
SoCal Earthquake Museum, Los Angeles, CA

Inland Area Regional Coordinator
Sarah Jones
Assistant Director
Exploration Museum, Sacramento, CA


Featured EPIcenter:

Los Altos Museum Exhibit: focusing around how did they do it, what did they cover, feature a photo gallery of the exhibit (Amy)
Turn into an online exhibit?
Or potentially a social media offering.
Pet preparedness (connection to Zoological parks)
Resources from the events you held (suggestions for events)
Local Stories
Participation in emergency response (connection to Quake Heroes)
Worked with City of Los Altos
Amy has digital files of exhibit pieces.


ShakeOut Public Programming

How-to for ShakeOut public programming: focusing on timeline development for program planning. (Michelle)


Oral Histories and Resources

Oral history collection: Collecting people’s stories and editing them into a digestible video
Earthquake Show at the California Science Center (Michelle and Monica)

Turtle Tale video

Quake Heroes study guide: Instructor guide with trigger questions related to Quake Heroes – divided into three sections – three lesson plans as conceived – teacher guide with how to work with the lessons, helping both educators at the museum and also for teachers bringing classes to the movie and then follow up questions back in the classroom. Find a study guide as a model for IMAX.

Books to suggest:

Roadside Geology

Sue Hough: Finding Fault in California

Place Based Experiences:

Wallace Creek Trail Guide and other Interpretive Field Guides: