Haywired Scenario Exercise Toolkit

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The USGS HayWired Earthquake Scenario explores the physical, technological, and societal impacts of a hypothetical magnitude-7.0 earthquake on the Hayward Fault (and its aftershocks).

Educational resources include:

  • A multimedia HayWired overview movie
  • Hayward fault earthquake shaking simulations
  • An interactive online storymap that uses various types of multimedia content to explain and illustrate the HayWired earthquake hazards and includes an animation of the strongest shaking throughout the earthquake sequence.
  • A geonarrative with a photo and corresponding narrative text of what to expect during and after an earthquake in an urban setting.


Map showing the pattern of shaking intensity for the HayWired Scenario earthquake.

Purpose of the Toolkit

  • The impacts described in the HayWired Scenario readily allow for the creation of plausible exercises, even for people with little or no exercise experience.
  • The toolkit links to information in the scenario for use in discussion-based exercises by any organization (private sector, government agency, or non-profit) or network.
  • The toolkit can be adapted for use elsewhere as the issues and exercise ideas included are likely to be similar in after major earthquakes in other regions
  • These exercises may improve resilience by identifying vulnerabilities and exploring different ideas for addressing disruptions and challenges.

Number of fire ignitions within each fire station area after the HayWired mainshock

Structure of the Toolkit

  • HayWired Scenario overview & highlights of each report volume
  • How to start developing your HayWired-based exercise
  • Exercise Ideas based on the issues identified in the HayWired Scenario
  • Using your exercise results for continuous Improvement
  • HayWired Report Index (Topics by Chapter)
  • Online: Additional Exercise Resources
  • Online: Guides For HayWired Scenario Exercise Ideas