ECA Presenter/Exhibitor Request Form

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To request a presenter (for an in-person or online presentation or panel discussion), or to request a staffed information table for your event, please complete this form with as much detail as possible. We understand that some aspects of your event may still be developing, so "TBD" is OK for now if something is unknown. Fields marked with " * " are required.

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Accommodations for People with Disabilities:
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Will there be other accommodations?
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Presenter Details (if applicable; exhibitor table details are below)
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Panel Discussion
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Special interest or emphasis desired? Please tell us if your group has a special interest, such as pet preparedness, the science of earthquakes, or other topics.
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Exhibitor Details (if applicable)
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Expected number of exhibitors:
Any special/unique aspects to the event?
Equipment Provided (for presenters, exhibitors, or both)
Please indicate what equipment you are able to supply, if any, and other details about the venue. Projection Screen
Flatscreen TV
Presentation Computer
HDMI cable
Remote control
Fixed microphone
Handheld corded microphone
Wireless handheld microphone
Wireless lapel mic or over-ear mic
Connection for computer audio
Extension Cords
Raised stage or platform
Table for presenter
Table for handouts
Chairs for exhibitors
Pop-up tent
Outdoor power access
Cart/dolly available
VIP or easy-access parking
Please provide any additional information or submit questions and comments here.