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This webpage is being developed to showcase local and statewide community engagement programs, webinars and other activities, and resources that can be implemented in local communities to support preparedness, training, mitigation, and response.

ECA Community Engagement Webinars

ECA’s Public Sector Committee is hosting a series of Community Engagement Webinars to showcase programs from across California that support community preparedness, training, mitigation, and response.

#1: Inyo County TEEN CERT and Topanga Coalition for Emergency Preparedness (TCEP).

#2: City of Los Angeles RYLAN program and Humboldt County CERT (featuring Blue Lake CERT)


#1: Inyo County TEEN CERT and Topanga Coalition for Emergency Preparedness (TCEP).

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The first webinar in the series, held May 13, 2021, featured these community-based programs:

1) Inyo County’s TEEN CERT Program: This program hosts middle and high school students from Inyo County schools at a summer camp featuring a week-long CERT training, a full exercise of CERT skills learned, and a graduation/pinning ceremony for the students and their parents.
Presenter: Brianne Chappell-McGovern, Disaster Preparedness/Prevention Specialist from Inyo County Health and Human Services

2) Topanga Coalition for Emergency Preparedness (TCEP): This non-profit, all-volunteer organization based in Topanga, California has provided emergency preparedness education and real-time disaster status updates to residents of Topanga, Malibu and surrounding areas for over 27 years.
Presenter: Scott Ferguson, TCEP Chairman

Moderator: Crisanta Gonzalez, Community Preparedness and Engagement/Planning Division Chief, Los Angeles City Emergency Management Department (and co-chair of ECA’s Public Sector Committee).

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#2: City of Los Angeles RYLAN program and Humboldt County CERT (featuring Blue Lake CERT).

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WEDNESDAY, July 28, 2021, 10-11am

The second webinar in the series will feature these community-based programs:

1) City of Los Angeles Ready Your LA Neighborhood (RYLAN) program: In a city of four million, with less than 10,000 police and less than 5,000 fire personnel, it is important to give the residents of Los Angeles a tool to be prepared for any event or disaster, where they can support each other until first responders arrive. As we all know Los Angeles is susceptible to many of the disasters listed in the Stafford Act, but the two that most concern our residents is the catastrophic earthquake predicted to hit Southern California, and of course the wildfires that affect our area more and more frequently. The City of Los Angeles Emergency Management Department has created a FREE program that helps organize, train, and prepare neighborhoods to be there for one another in that critical first hour. Ready Your LA Neighborhood or RYLAN is a program that uses the proven Map Your Neighborhood tool along with other proven steps to help each block learn about their skills, tools, and vulnerable neighbors so that they can support each other if or when any emergency or disaster strikes.

Presenter: Crisanta Gonzalez, Emergency Management Coordinator II, Planning Division & Community Preparedness and Engagement Division, City of Los Angeles Emergency Management Department

2) Humboldt County CERT and Case Study– Blue Lake CERT: Humboldt County is 3500 square miles, from a rugged coastline to the mountains in the east. Because of this, the smaller rural communities can be isolated following earthquakes, tsunamis and during storms, flooding or wildfire. The 10 CERT teams in Humboldt County are as diverse as the communities and local agencies they serve. Some are urban, such as Humboldt Bay Fire CERT in Eureka (the county seat) or very rural like Shelter Cove CERT, which serves an isolated community with one main road in or out at the southwest tip of the county. To maintain continuity among teams, Linda Nellist chairs the Humboldt CERT Coalition, an advisory group of team leaders and instructors who meet for peer support, expanded training opportunities and group purchases. Each team is independent of the others but the collaboration is beneficial for ease of communication and response of the teams to the call of the agencies they serve.

Blue Lake CERT: A few people in a city of 1200 located on the North Coast of California – “the most earthquake-prone spot in the continental United States” have organized their neighborhoods to prepare ahead for emergencies. Knowing that other emergency preparedness/crime prevention models were out there but not very popular in town, they decided to start something a little different that might appeal more to the town’s individual thinkers. The “Blue Lake Emergency Preparedness Pods” use many of the standard neighborhood emergency preparedness tools but the name and the choices are a little different. Lin Glen, a local “Pod” organizer, and also the town’s CERT Team Leader, will talk about the benefits and challenges of preparing for emergencies in small, rural communities – especially during the pandemic.

Presenters: Linda Nellist, Chair of Humboldt CERT Coalition and Lin Glen, Blue Lake CERT Team Leader

Moderator: Mark Benthien, ECA Executive Director and Director for Outreach at the Southern California Earthquake Center (USC).

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