ECA SoCal Regional Workshop Summary, August 23, 2017
Workshop Summary Notes
Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Los Angeles World Airport
Flight Path Museum and Learning Center

Welcome and Introductions. Margaret Vinci and Connie Lackey welcome participants and review agenda. Workshop attendees introduce their name and organization.

ECA SoCal Activities

  • Discussion on ShakeOut events and resources. ECA would like to track if any organization is participating or coordinating their own ShakeOut event.
    • If they will have a booth/table, ECA can provide materials
    • Any requests for volunteers to staff a booth for Large ShakeOut event should contact Lance Webster (Events Bureau Coord)
    • FEMA can provide “Protect Yourself During Earthquakes Poster”
  • Mark Benthien provided an overview of other earthquake resources.
  • Ines Pierce made announcement asking for sector-based committee participation.
  • Margaret Vinci had an overview of Earthquake Early warning status

Keynote Speaker Edward Bushman, Director (LAX Emergency Management Division) presented on LAX Earthquake Preparedness and Response Plans. Discussion on items of concern for LAX include evacuation procedures; earthquake early warning potential and plans; upcoming earthquake response training for personnel; diversion procedures. There was a suggestion that training LAX vendors on Drop-Cover-Hold On can help lead the public by give example. Traffic plan testing and implementation is a priority for LAX as well additional EQ related hazards such as liquefaction and Tsunami.

Mini Awards. Overview on Mini Award recipients. Awardees presented overview of their projects and share materials and lessons learned.

Activity sharing and general discussion

  • West Angeles church (20k church members) is sponsoring disaster prep day on Oct 7. They want to coordinate with ECA for support of this event. No ShakeOut Drill planned at this point, but is open to it. Earl Massey
  • Westfield in Corporate office will participate in Drop Cover Hold On day of ShakeOut. Discussion on signage available across the malls. Will follow up with Mark Benthien. Julie Kachgal
  • Orange County Red Cross announced their disaster prep academy on Sept 21. This is an Annual event. Plenary and Breakout sessions.
  • For those who don’t have an event on Oct 19. ECA is hosting Media Event at the Natural History Museum. Request info at if they want to participate. Mark Benthien
  • Input on self promotion and promotion of safety for LAX (or any organization). Mark Legassie
  • LAFD on duty personnel and office staff all will be encourage to drill (D-C-H). LAFD will also support Media Event at Natural Hist. John Iggy
  • City of Lancaster – Sept 9 volunteer training for CERT employees; Sept 11 – SOS will present on their products for maintenance workers and city hall so they can see emergency supplies; NIXEL alert with updates from county emergency website; in October will conduct shakeout drill and evacuate; will have NIXEL alert for EOC scenario TTX of 2 – shifts (A and B); also in October will have Disaster Council discussion with other stakeholders in the City (such as SCE) thought antelope valley. Andrew Noga
  • During ShakeOut will test government center evacuation plan, test communications system as well. Michael Ramirez
  • BICCEP conference announcement. Sept 12. anyone who owns a building is welcome to attend.
  • Sector Based committees – Encourage enrollment for ShakeOut. Promote material available on shakeout website. Reach out to Ines Pierce on resources needed. Ines Pierce
  • Ken Kondo – thanks participants requests that all register for ShakeOut.
  • Health Care (3 hospitals)- Will participate in D-C-H. The morning of shakeout, there will be info on breakfast trays. There will be secret picture takers to capture participation and followed by an email blast showing how departments have participated. Connie Lackey

Afternoon session. Participant Activity: “Presenting on the Fly: Beyond the Elevator Speech.” April Kelcy


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