Notable California Earthquakes: Updates, Messaging, and Resources

When significant earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanism, or other disasters and emergencies occur in which the Earthquake Country Alliance may have a role to play, it is important we have coordinated, peer-reviewed, and meaningful public information ready for a variety of communications channels.


Latest Event: M6.0 Antelope Valley Earthquake (Mono County, CA), 07/08/2021 at 3:49 PM

In this event’s update:

  • Summary of Event
  • Social Media Accounts to Follow
  • Visuals (Links)
  • Talking Points (General)


ShakeMap showing how and where shaking was experienced (USGS)


The following is an update on today’s M6.0 earthquake in Little Antelope Valley, California, in northern Mono County, which did not appear to cause any known injuries, deaths, or major damage.

  • A rockslide was reported along Highway 395 at Chris Flat in Walker Canyon. No other reports of significant damage yet.
  • The Mono County Sheriff’s Office is posting updates to their Facebook page:
  • The event adds interest in this general area, known as the Eastern California Shear Zone (aka “Walker Lane”). Some scientists believe the region is a potential tectonic competitor to the San Andreas (read more via WIRED).
  • You may also recall that the July 2019 Ridgecrest Earthquake Sequence ( occurred within this area too (albeit far to the south).
  • Going forward, we intend to share and coordinate information for recent earthquake and tsunami events with the entire ECA community and public, similar to this email, and look forward to any insights you have to share.

Social Media Updates:


USGS Event Links:



  • MyShake Promo Graphic (Earthquake Early Warning, via Cal OES)
  • SCEC / ECA Earthquake GIFs ( In Spanish and English, showing protective actions for those with disabilities, earthquake simulation animations, and more


General ECA Talking Points:

The chance of a bigger earthquake is tiny and getting smaller as times goes on. However, we should always remain vigilant as we do live in Earthquake Country with hundreds of faults capable of significant earthquakes at any time. Be prepared to Drop, Cover, and Hold On – drop before the next earthquake may drop you.

The best source for updates on the science of this earthquake is the US Geological Survey event page on From there you can see a map of where the epicenter was, how many people completed the “Did You Feel It” form (if you felt it, please complete the form!), the ShakeMap of the pattern of shaking intensity across the region, and other information.

The Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety are a comprehensive guide at that can be adapted for any individual, family, or organization to be prepare to survive and recover quickly after earthquakes.

Each earthquake is a reminder that we can take action together now such as securing our furniture, appliances, electronics, and other valuables – see Look around you, what could fall or fly? What could you step on? What could prevent you from exiting? 2/3 of earthquake injuries are from unsecured items around us that fall, fly, break, trip, bruise, impale, or cut more. The healthcare system does not need preventable injuries coming in – do not wait for aftershocks to subside to take action now to “Secure Your Space.”

We’re all in this together. Another way to encourage your community to come together is through Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills – most will be held on October 21 in 2021, but you can hold and register a drill anyday of the year at Practicing how to stay safe will help us know what to do when the shaking starts.

You can also consider earthquake insurance through the California Earthquake Authority and retrofit options through the state’s Earthquake Brace and Bolt Program: Insurance for a tsunami is covered by only flood insurance; visit to see what options you can consider.

Earthquake Warning California appears to have alerted many users to Drop, Cover, and Hold On to protect ourselves. This can be downloaded on any smartphone through the “MyShake” app and also may be received as Wireless Emergency Alerts. More information:



M5.8 Lone Pine Earthquake (Owens Valley), 06/24/2020 at 10:40 AM