Earthquake Country — Los Angeles

With Dr. Pat Abbott, Professor of Geology, San Diego State University

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Through live-action demonstrations and vivid animations, Dr. Pat Abbott explains how earthquakes have shaped the scenery and the character of the greater Los Angeles area. Dr. Abbott shows how faults capable of large earthquakes lie beneath most of the area, posing great risk to the millions of people living in earthquake country. Animations illustrate how and why earthquakes happen, how mountains and valleys have formed as a result, how the ground will shake in large earthquakes, and why this shaking is so destructive to buildings. Dr. Abbott also shows how to evaluate your home for earthquake safety and explains how to reduce the devastating effects of earthquakes. This video is part of Dr. Abbott's "Written in Stone" series.

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Approx. 27 minutes

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"Earthquake Country -- Los Angeles", part of the Written in Stone series narrated by Dr. Pat Abbott.
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