"Securing Your Space" (buildings) refers to the structure of your business. These also refers to elements not part of the structure (floor/ceiling/walls) but are considered part of the building, for instance, electrical systems or mechanical systems such as heating, water, etc. If your building is an older single family home, it likely is not reinforced to withstand significant shaking. These properties are vulnerable due to a variety of issues (ie. the wood frame is not bolted to the concrete foundation, poor foundation, and/or cripple walls are unreinforced).

Since many buildings have weaknesses; the good news is they can be earthquake strengthened. The links below are common building problems and solutions.

Determine your building problem(s), prioritize how and when to fix them, and GET STARTED. Refer to the sources listed each page. Need help? Consult our guide on "How to Hire Someone to Help" such as a qualified professional contractor or engineer.

In addition to securing your building, also consider how to "Secure Your Space" inside these structures.

Common Structural Problems

Commercial or Multi-Family Buildings

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