Refrigerators can injure you by moving, tipping over and/or spill all their contents, broken onto the floor.


#1 - Secure refrigerators and other major appliances to wall studs using earthquake appliance straps. Packages are available in large hardware stores.

#2 - Another option is to install angle brackets or pronged zee clips. Read the "How To" below:

Supplies Required

Larger imageWall Anchorage

Source: Noson, Perbix, SSD

  • Angle bracket—4" x 2" x 1/8"
  • Lag bolts—3/8" diameter x 4" (for wood)
  • Expansion bolts—1/2" diameter x 4" (for concrete)
  • Metal screws—No. 14
  • Pronged zee clip


Angle Bracket Installation

  1. Secure the angle bracket to a wood wall with a lag bolt for wood.
  2. OR
    Secure to a concrete wall with an expansion bolt for concrete.
  3. Use a metal screw to attach bracket to the refrigerator.

Larger imageFloor Anchorage

Source: Noson, Perbix, SSD

Pronged Zee Clip Installation

  1. Align the angle of the clip with the leg of the refrigerator.

  • Place refrigerators and vending machines away from exits and hallways if possible.
  • Enclose refrigerators in a confined space (if possible) to prevent the machine(s) from tipping over.


When anchoring to post-tensioned slab, locate and avoid reinforcing.

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