Modular Partitions


To secure modular partitions.

Larger imageZig-Zag Partition Arrangement

Source: Noson, Perbix, SSD


Arrange multiple partitions in a zigzag or teeshape fashion. Install restraints to single modular partitions.

Larger imageTee-shape Partition Arrangement

Source: Noson, Perbix, SSD

Supplies Required

  • Angles—3" x 3" x 1/4"
  • Expansion bolts—3/8" diameter (for concrete)
  • Lag bolts—3/8" diameter (for wood)
  • Thru-bolts

Larger imageSingle Partition

Source: Noson, Perbix, SSD


  1. Install angle braces at each end on each side of the partition with thru-bolts.
  2. Attach the angles (or partition feet) to the floor with expansion bolts for concrete or lag bolts for wood.
  3. OR
    Anchor the partition to the adjacent desk.


When anchoring to post-tensioned slab, locate and avoid reinforcing.

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