December 11:
Application deadline (extended)

January 15:
Applicants notified of results

January 18:
Final invoices due for direct payment (if not selecting from our packages)

February 15:
All purchases delivered

May 31:
Deadline for completing project activities and survey

Representatives of Mini Award recipients present at the Summer ECA SoCal Regional Workshop (date TBD)

2021 ECA SoCal Mini Awards


The purpose of the ECA SoCal Mini Award Program is to assist ECA members in their efforts to improve earthquake resilience by promoting and implementing mitigation, awareness, and preparedness activities, and to multiply the impact of their programs.


  • Awarded items are purchased and shipped to you on your behalf.
  • Most awards will be for purchases up to $500.00; earthquake mitigation proposals may request purchases of up to $1000. Totals must include tax and shipping.
  • Up to eight $500 awards and three $1000 awards (for mitigation awards only) will be supported.
  • You may submit more than one application (for different package types), though most organizations will receive only one award in order to support broader efforts.
  • Funding for ECA Mini Awards is managed by the Southern California Earthquake Center at USC, from FEMA NEHRP state assistance through the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (except preparedness supplies options, which will be paid by other sources).

Eligible Applicants

  • Any public and private sector organization (agency, institution, business, neighborhood association, etc.) may propose a project that benefits people or organizations primarily located in the ECA So Cal region (Imperial, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego Counties).
  • Proposals for projects in neighboring counties (including Inyo, Kern, and Mono Counties) will also be considered depending on available funding. Projects within Ventura County should submit to the ECA Central Coast program).
  • For other regions, visit the statewide ECA Mini Awards page.
  • The Mini Award Application must be submitted by a registered Earthquake Country Alliance member (join at EarthquakeCountry.org/alliance).
  • Awardees from prior years must specify on their submissions if the same or new areas/groups will benefit from the project (new beneficiaries are preferred).

Eligible Activities

  • Purchases must be earthquake-specific (not general preparedness), with top priority given to proposals for mitigation activities (see EarthquakeCountry.org/step1 and EarthquakeCountry.org/step4).
  • Proposals for mitigation activities may request $500 or up to $1000 packages (from our pre-determined “Secure Your Space” list, or items of your own choosing) but must make a strong case for how you will implement the program, including how work will be completed by the deadline if COVID-19 restrictions remain).
  • Support for other earthquake preparedness activities (“Plan to Be Safe” educational materials only; supplies packages listed below are no longer available) may also be provided (up to $500), but proposals must demonstrate the value of the items requested as part of your activity for improving earthquake awareness and preparedness.
  • Purchases can be used to improve earthquake mitigation, education, or preparedness within the applicant’s organization, or for its constituents (for example, your organization could propose to secure furniture within homes in your community, or within a senior facility).
  • Mini award funding cannot support labor costs.

Purchase options

You can propose a purchase (paid by ECA directly to a vendor) of eligible materials priced (with tax/shipping) up to $500 (earthquake awareness, preparedness, or mitigation activities) or $1000 (earthquake mitigation activities only) by requesting an invoice from a vendor to provide along with your application.

Or you may select ONE package from the 2021 ECA Mini Award Options Catalog, summarized as follows:

“Secure Your Space” Packages (6 options: Four $500 packages and Two $1000 packages)
Note: Proposals for one of these packages will be given top priority in the selection process

  • $500 Secure a (Smaller) Community Organization or Workplace Kit from ReadyAmerica
  • $1000 Secure a (Larger) Community Organization or Workplace Kit from ReadyAmerica
  • $500 Secure 10 Living Spaces Kit from ReadyAmerica
  • $500 Residential Home Fastening Starter Kits (20) from Safe-T-Proof
  • $500 Secure a School Kit from Safe-T-Proof
  • $1000 Secure a School Kit from Safe-T-Proof

“Plan to Be Safe” Packages (Four $500 options)

NO LONGER AVAILABLE: “Organize Disaster Supplies” Packages (Four $500 options)*

  • Community Organization / Small Workplace Supplies for 20 people, from ReadyAmerica*
  • Community Organization / Small Workplace Supplies for 20 people, from More Prepared*
  • School Supplies for 10 classrooms, from More Prepared*
  • Individual Supplies for 20 people, from ReadyAmerica*

* These awards are not funded by FEMA NEHRP and are less likely to be selected than the mitigation and education award options above.

Be sure to review the 2021 ECA Mini Award Options Catalog before submitting your application.

Each package below is worth far more than $500, thanks to significant discounts of up to 50% by our fantastic partners!

Evaluation and Reporting Requirements

  • Selected Mini Award recipients will complete all activity before May 31.
  • A summary survey must be completed by May 31 (including project activities, impact and/or lessons learned, etc., and share digital images or videos of final product/project)
  • Representatives of Mini Award recipients must give a brief (2-3 minute) summary of their project at the Summer ECA So Cal Regional Workshop (location and date to be determined)

Application Instructions

The application period is closed. Applications were due online by 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time on Friday, December 11th.


Contact Gabriela Noriega, socal@earthquakecountry.org.