ECA QuakeSmart Online Workshop Application
Complete this application by January 13 to be considered for participation in the January 27, 2021 ECA QuakeSmart Online Workshop.

Contact Information


Primary Organization:

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Mailing Address:
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 State:   ZIP:*
Phone number:
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Web Address:
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Reason for participating (multi-choice):*
Secure my own space
Secure my primary organization's items
Secure another organization's items (please list in next box)
ECA Mini-Award Recipient
Help my community
Start a business for securing items

Additional Organizations/Homeowner Associations/Communities:
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Live captioning will be provided for this workshop.
Do you require any other accommodations in order to fully participate?

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What is your experience using power tools such as drills? Please describe.*
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Do you have, or have access to, the necessary power tools for doing this work?*
I have my own power tools
I have access to power tools
I have no access to power tools

How would you rate your ability to locate wall studs? (Pick the closest correct answer)*
What is a wall stud?
I've done it before but I wouldn't consider myself an expert
No problem, I do it all the time

What is your experience securing furniture, appliances, TVs, etc. (How many items have you secured?) Please describe.*
0-20     20-50     50-100     100+

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Any technical/engineering experience? (for securing major equipment & very large items; or fire safety, ADA accessibility, or other related experience) Please describe.*

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Have you attended previous similar workshops? Please describe.*
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