Central Coast Earthquake Alliance Associates

There are 67 Associates registered in the Central Coast Earthquake Alliance.
The following have given permission to be listed on this page.

Mina Arnao, More Prepared
Tod Aubin, Prepare4
Jason Ballmann, Southern California Earthquake Center
Ken Bell, Simpson Strong-Tie
Mark Benthien, Southern California Earthquake Center
Jane Billings, Walmart
Eugene Blanck, Jr., Earth Design, Inc.
Clifford Bowen, California Department of Public Health
Geneva Brett, Los Banos Chamber of Commerce
Kenny Comello, Big Sur Jade Company
Victoria Craig, Consortium of Business Continuity Professionals, Inc. (CBCPi)
Joseph Crisologo, California Department of Public Health
Eric Dahl, County of Santa Barbara
Robert de Groot, United States Geological Survey
Debbie Depin, Sunset Survival & First Aid, Inc.
Zachary DeVoe, First Trust Industries
Kristina Dial, California Department of Public Health
Johanna Fenton, California Governor's Office of Emergency Services
Tracy Ferea, ReadySmart
Martin Gamez, Santa Clara Valley Water Distirct
Dena Gunning, Thrive Alliance of Nonprofits in San Mateo County
Troy Harris, Westmont College
Wendy Hartford, Milocon Corporation
Pamela Henry, Faultline Geologic Consultants
Glenn Hoffman, State Farm
Gracie Huerta
Susan Jekarl, Totally Unprepared
April Kelcy, Earthquake Solutions
Billy Kelley, Organizational Research and Development
Lee Kjonaas, Fort Hunter Liggett
Kate Long, California Governor's Office of Emergency Services
Irene Long, CrisisResponse-able.com
Jia Lu, University of Southern California
LaTonya Marks, Earthquake Survival Agency, Inc.
Randall Marrett, University of Texas at Austin
Polly Martin
William Maruna, City of Capitola
Stephen Mason, CAD Design
Michael Maxwell, Saint Agnes Medical Center
Larry Meade, Corporation for National and Community Service
John Mentzer, ETC Building & Design, Inc.
Kevin Miller, California Governor's Office of Emergency Services
Christine Moffat, Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center
Jairo Moncada, CaliforniaVolunteers
Connie Nakano, California Earthquake Authority
Karen Nikos, California Earthquake Authority
David Ofwono, First On Compliance
Scott Olson, Decisive Survival Solutions, LLC
Stephanie Papas, California Department of Education
Ines Pearce, Pearce Global Partners
Sherrie Phillips, Town Center Village Retirement Community
James Pickens, Veterans Helping Veterans in Need
Cynthia Pridmore, California Geological Survey
Sidney Reade, County of Monterey
Lisa Rivera, Resources for Independence, Central Valley
Fred Schott, SEAOSC
Michele Skiermont, County of San Luis Obispo
Janet Stanovich, County of Madera
Patti Sutch, Western States Seismic Policy Council
Duane Thompson
Dan Tompkins, ReadyBox
Alain Tran, usarmyvs.com

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